In the world of restoration, the term “CAT Event” gets thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? Unfortunately it’s not as cheerful as a birthday party for your feline friends – a CAT Event is a catastrophic storm that can cause major water damage to your home which can lead to the need for wind, fire, or water damage restoration services.

Though this may seem like a broad definition, it’s for a good reason. A CAT Event can be of varying severity, and of many different types. From hurricanes to blizzards, windstorms to earthquakes, CAT Events are all-encompassing of destructive acts of nature. This is to ensure that, from a legal standpoint, insurance companies know that the damage caused isn’t made by human error. But who decides what counts as a CAT Event, if there’s no concrete definition? In the end, the insurance companies are the ones who get to decide, and with no standard for severity, different companies may define it in a variety of ways.

Insurance Vs. Water Damage Restoration

After experiencing a storm that has caused water damage to your home, check with your insurance provider to find out whether or not the storm qualified as a CAT Event – it might just change what water damage restoration is covered by your policy!

In the end, we can’t control the weather. But what Renolux can do is provide expert home repair when a CAT Event has caused water or wind damage to your property. When disaster strikes, Renolux can be on the scene within one hour of your call, with reliable 24/7 home restoration services.