Floods can happen any time of year. As one of the leading causes of water damage repair worldwide, flooding can be caused by a great number of things including plumbing failures, sewer backups, insufficient local drainage, cracked or damaged foundation, or a malfunction of your sump pump, among others. So How Do You Avoid Flooding? 

  1. Have Your Property Inspected

One of the easiest – and most effective – ways to flood-proof your basement is to have your plumbing and property assessed and maintained, especially all places where water can enter the home, as well as your plumbing and drainage systems.

  1. Seal It Up

Make sure your doors and windows are all properly sealed. Whether you use weatherstripping or caulking in the appropriate places, it should maintain a tight seal to prevent leaks. 

  1. Install The Right Systems

Sump pump, weeping tiles, backwater valves – are they all necessary? In short: yes. All of these systems are failsafes designed to either divert water that may have entered the home, or prevent water from coming in. 

  1. Get Water Damage Repair

If you’ve experienced a flood, don’t hesitate. Contact us! We’re first responders for your home or business, as a professional restoration company with over 25 years of experience in water damage repair services.