When your property has experienced a flood, water removal is the first step on the road to restoration. It’s essential to get the water out and dry all elements of your home or business before going any further, preventing any additional damage and reducing the risk of mould growth. But how do we get large volumes of water out?

Water Extraction Units are a restoration company’s best friend. One of the many tools in our arsenal, an extraction unit, extractor, or water vacuum is a specialized device that pumps water out to speed up the drying process. They can be used to drain deep water, shallow water, or even suck it out of wet carpets.

While normal vacuums aren’t prepared to handle water (and even some wet-dry vacuums like a shop vac can’t handle a high volume), Water Extraction Units are designed to do just that. You may be familiar with the technology if you have a pool, as water pumps are very similar, but extractors come in different shapes, sizes, and attachments to work best depending on the situation. This way, flood water removal can be done quickly, safely, and efficiently.