As property restoration specialists, Renolux Restore Group faces a wide range of scenarios every day. From natural disasters to house fires, mould and mildew to ceiling repair water damage, we tackle it all. But what are the most common problems homeowners turn to a home restoration service for? 

5. Smoke Damage Repair

Whether it’s a stovetop mishap or an accident with an unattended candle, fires can cause varying levels of damage to your home. 

4. Wind Storm Roof Repair

Canadians across the country have experienced severe storms in recent years. As storms grow stronger, it’s more and more common for roof damage, including shingles and structural damage.

3. Flooded Basement Cleanup

From storm flooding to sewage backups, flooded basements can be a common occurrence. No matter whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, it’s important to make sure it’s properly cleaned and restored!

2. Mould Damage Repair

Mould can be caused by the aftermath of leaks, too much humidity, or any number of issues with moisture, but sometimes it hides where you least expect it and causes health issues for countless homeowners.

1. Ceiling Repair Water Damage

Let’s face it – leaks happen! Whether it’s from a damaged roof or a plumbing problem, a water stain is a common thing to face on your ceiling. 

Overall, our most common restorations don’t just include replacing the drywall and touching up the paint. Even when it comes to a simple ceiling repair from water damage, it’s always essential to address the root of the problem before we restore your home to its full glory!