A biohazard can be any number of things. In the restoration business, we tackle hazardous material on a daily basis when homes are flooded and contaminated with dangerous chemicals or sewage and rotting material. It may sound awful (because it is!), but it’s an essential step in the process of water damage repair. 

Why is it Necessary?

It might seem like a simple deep clean is sufficient before repairs can be completed, but much more lurks under the surface of floodwaters. Whether the water comes through the walls or up through the sewer, there’s no telling what bacteria can remain in your home after the water has been drained. The water itself can cause dangerous conditions in your home, such as rotting upholstery or fungal growth. All of these things can lead to severe illness to your family, guests, and pets if not treated .

Biohazard Cleanup for Water Damage Repair 

Home restoration after a flood doesn’t just mean pumping out the water and fixing the drywall. It’s a very involved process, but if done incorrectly, can leave harmful material behind. So how do we do it? Renolux Restore Group has a reliable technique to remove contaminants following Canada’s health guidelines, which includes removing and safely disposing of waste, applying antifungal and antimicrobial treatments, and completely sterilizing your home before repairs are made. 

Once your biohazard cleanup is completed and water damage repaired, you can rest easy knowing that there are no hidden threats to your health.