Frayed cords and exposed wires aren’t something to take lightly. Electrical fires are ranked the third most common cause of fires in homes and businesses, causing over $1.3 billion in fire damage repairs per year in the United States alone. Even if your home was built to code, electrical systems can break down over time and pose serious risk to your home, business, and family. 

But What About Frayed Cords? 

Many think that electrical tape is a reliable solution – that’s what it’s for, isn’t it? When it comes to frayed or pulled cords, no. Patching a wire with electrical tape just prolongs the oncoming issues. Inside the tape, the frayed wires are already causing problems. With the current disrupted by the damage, electricity experiences surges and dips that can cause fuses to blow, heat to build, and potentially start fires with material inside the walls. 

When You Need Fire Damage Restoration

If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a fire in your home, it’s an incredibly stressful time. A certified restoration company like Renolux Restore Group can help manage the damage in a professional, compassionate manner during a difficult time. From cleanup to construction and everything in between, Renolux is a fire damage restoration specialist.